Gomez Neurology's

Infusion Room

Infusion therapy has moved beyond the simple technique of administering medication through a needle or catheter into a vein.

Gomez Neurology's six-chair infusion clinic helps to improves a patient's quality of life, insures better patient satisfaction, and results in better healthcare outcomes.

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Infusion Services at Gomez Neurology's Infusion Clinic is located right in the office, allowing patients to maintain your normal daily activities and keep the quality of your life high and satisfying.

Gomez Neurology's Providers and infusion Nurse are committed to ensuring every patient's safety and comfort through eight points of care:

  • Working as a team with you and your care providers.
  • Providing educational material to help you understand your therapy.
  • Using guidelines that help ensure your infusion is proceeding safely and smoothly.
  • Making every effort to ensure you infusion is performed on a timely fashion and at your convenience.
  • Responding to patient's requests for pain management and comfort.
  • Respecting each patient's privacy.
  • Treating patients with genuine concern, kindness, courtesy and friendliness.
  • Providing personalized attention using specialty trained and certified staff.

We believe each patient will be able to relax in our infusion room where family members are always welcome.